We Are A Registered Charity (NO. 276310)

We are a new Management Committee taking over the running of Felix Road Adventure Playground (FRAP) from Bristol City Council (BCC).

We came together three years ago running a successful campaign to save the playground from closure following big changes in the council’s youth and play provision.

The playground has huge support in the community (a 4,000 strong
petition to keep it open 5 days a week) and in the council (a 100% vote from councilors at the last full council meeting).


Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure playgrounds were set up in the 70’s to give children in inner city areas space to connect with nature and have the freedom for outside physical play. We believe in the value of child-led, open access free play.

FRAP is a place where children can learn through managing risk and exploring physical limits in a safe environment, supported by great playworkers. We believe such play is crucial to healthy physical, cognitive and social development. Countless studies support these ideas. Children get the chance here to mix with others of different ages and different social and cultural backgrounds.

The playground is a safe haven- we are regenerating the space with planting projects growing fruit and vegetables and flowers. We got a grant from the big lottery to do this and a grant from the arts council to do art activities like murals, music and dance. The whole space,
including kitchen, is wheelchair accessible.



Bristol is the second most diverse city in the country and Easton is the most diverse ward of Bristol. It has traditionally been the place where immigrants first come to before moving elsewhere; West Indian, Bengali, Irish and more recently Polish, Somali and Romanian to name a few.

There are few other places you will see people of so many different cultures together.  Felix Rd is their shared garden. We provide a safe, welcoming, free space full of good role models and fun activities.
We provide cheap healthy meals and hot and cold drinks.
Look out for our great activities. Come and play!



Felix Road Playground encourages positive behaviour from all children who use the site. We expect all visitors to have respect for each other, the staff and all people who are present in the playground. Everyone should respect and care for the playground environment, equipment and materials. There is a list of rules for the playground drawn up by children and staff.

Children under eight are welcome on the playground but must be accompanied by an adult ( 16 years and over ) at all times and in all places on the playground.

If behaviour is such that it has a negative effect on the playground, children and adults will be asked to leave the site for an amount of time appropriate to the incident in question.

It is the responsibility of staff to report to their line manager any child protection concerns they have about any children that use the playground.